The Port-A-Cool 16 inch variable speed features a 22-gallon build in water tank and a sturdy rolling cart that increases mobility for spot cooling.

The 16 inch variable speed cools 1,000 square

feet of space effectively

Lower temperature an average of 15 to 25


Patio Heaters

Our Patio Heaters make your outside event possible when it gets chilly outside.

Our patio heaters provide a great focal point for your guests to gather around. Its bar top table allows your guests to mingle and feel the warm glow.

Cooling, Heating & Generators

Portable Generators​​

Our portable generators will keep your event going no matter where you are.

We also carry smaller whisper quiet generators.

​All generators come fully fueled up.

Way Cool Cooler
​WayCool® portable evaporative coolers use the natural cooling process of evaporating water

to reduce temperatures up to 30°F 

WayCool blows oscillating cooled air in a focused narrow stream at long distances to provide greater cooling for customers and guests both indoors and outdoors!

Your dream + our expertise...Makes your event an oasis like none other

Don’t trust your dream event to just anyone. We use a fun, client-centric process to ensure your event is like none other.

Tent Heater

Our area tent heaters will keep the whole tent warm and cozy for your event.

The unit is located outside the tent and pulls in fresh air, heats it and then pushes the warm air under the tent walls to provide safe warm air.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Oscilating Fans
​Our 30" oscillating pedestal fan will keep your event cool and comfortable.

We also carry smaller 18"  inch oscillating pedestal fans